Note on Kruthi Art Jewellery

I call the jewellery I am creating now as Kruthi Art Jewellery
and am seeking market for it.

The 'Exclusive' line contains exclusive pendants that are designed and hand modelled by me in wax and using the lost wax process individually cast into metal. I use silver and bronze, and go on to plating them in gold or silver.Then I choose appropriate gems or beads and string them to create the finished product.

It is entirely produced in my studio. There are no repeats in the exclusive line and they are definitely unique. I call them sculpture you can wear!

The other line called 'special' are designed and modelled in clay by me, then I make master copies in lead and from that I use box moulds to create a limited edition of pieces of a similar kind in each lot and colour them differently so that there is room for choice or mix and match, eg: gold, silver and bronze pendants with strung with similar types of stones or beads or strings. The prices too are much lesser so you may pickup more pendants.

Another special aspect of this jewellery is that there is no limiting to the way you can wear it if you are creative. Not
just that you could always refresh its shine with any smith.

Instructions for care are to keep it covered in soft muslin when not in use and kept individually in jewel cases. Then they are yours forever.

Keep checking this section for soon we shall have an online store too!

You may contact for consignments if you have a store and clientele for such exclusive jewellery. I will be glad to hear your comments too.